kWp - kilo watt peak


Total kWp (kilo watt peak)

This is the peak kilo watt power that our schools can generate.

If the sun shone for one hour on our schools we would generate this number of kWh (kilo watt hours)

Our nearest power station is Sizewell B at Leiston.

This generates 3% of the UK’s electricity and has an equivalent kWp of 536,530.

How is this calculated?

Sizewell’s total output in 2010 was 4.7 TWh (tera watt hours)

First convert the tera watt hours to kilo watt hours....

4.7 TWh = 4,700 GWh (giga watt hours)

4,700 GWh = 4,700,000 MWh (mega watt hours)

4,700,000 MWh = 4,700,000,000 kWh (kilo watt hours)

Divide this by the number of days in a year....

4,700,000,000 / 365 = 12,876,712 kilo watt hours per day

and then divide this by the number of hours in a day.

The result is Sizewell’s equivalent kWp.

12,876,712 / 24 = 536,500 kWp (approximately)

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